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How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Get Hired

"Job hunting is hard! Take it from me!"

- Katie H.

Below is the story of one recent graduate's struggle to find a good, entry-level job . . .

Below is the story of one recent graduate's struggle to find a good, entry-level job . . .

I thought I did everything right. I completed my B.A. in four years, got a M.A. abroad, did multiple internships, and earned excellent references. Yet it still took me six months post-graduation to find a job.

Fortunately, a friend recommended that I apply with a local recruiting firm to see if they might have anything that I would be a good fit for. I did so, not quite understanding what I was signing up for, and they were able to help me find a job.

If you're having a difficult time catching employers’ attention by searching for a job using traditional methods, read on. Below are four reasons why you might want to give "recruiting firms in my area" a Google. 

1. Some recruitment firms will take the time to get to know you.

Many recruiters will take the time to really get acquainted with their job candidates. Unlike applying directly to an employer who will toss out your resume if they have any questions or hesitations about it, recruiters will want to explore your career goals and motivation, your employment history, and what valuable skills you might bring to the table.

interview figures - 2 sitting in chairs talking

Some staffing firms, including Brannon Professionals, may also ask you to take a personality or behavioral assessment. This will help the recruiters understand the kind of work environment in which you'll really thrive.

Remember, this is their business. It's as much to their benefit as yours for them to get to know you. You want them to be armed with as much insight about you as needed so they can effectively promote you to the companies and HR managers they serve.

2. You will have an advocate. 

How many times during your job search have you heard from a well-meaning aunt and or a fellow disenchanted job-seeker the words, "Well, it's all in who you know!" when it comes to finding your perfect position? I heard it a million times. And unfortunately, they’re not wrong. Having someone put in a good word for you makes you exponentially more likely to get hired. 

hired - happy woman with arms raised in joy

With a recruiting firm, you're making free connections with people who can go to bat for you. The recruiters want to place you in a job that's a good fit for both you and the company. So, when you and your skills are a match for an open position, they're going to do all they can to help the company understand why hiring you is the right choice. 

3. You might be considered for multiple jobs at once. 

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The whole point of a recruiting firm is that they're staffing for more than one job at a time, which is a huge benefit to you. If you're looking for a job as an administrative assistant and the firm has three admin positions that they're trying to fill, it's possible that they will promote you to all three companies. This means that your resume will be seen by more hiring managers. You will have more options AND a greater chance of success than if you were going it alone.  

4. You'll benefit from free coaching & advice. 

The goal for recruiters is to help their clients find the right person for the job. If you are a skilled and professional candidate, the recruiters will want to promote you to the companies for which they're staffing. Moreover, if they think your resume could use some brushing up or that you might benefit from some tips on making a good first impression during the interview process, they'll be more than happy to coach you if you're open to it (just ask). This is especially helpful for recent graduates or for those who don't have a lot of interviewing experience. Even if you don't get hired through the recruiting firm, you can hold onto this advice and use it in the future. Plus, it's completely free to you!

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We all know how tough it is for people to find work. With more qualified candidates than ever flooding the job market, you've really got to work to make yourself stand out. If you know you are a great candidate, but you're just having a hard time getting that edge, try working through a recruitment firm. They can help you find your perfect fit!

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Headhunters Will Find Your Company's Future Stars

headhunters find future star employees

Why Headhunters Will Find Your Company's Future Stars

You have a position that has been empty for two weeks. Your proposed hiring timeline shows that you could post the vacancy for the next week, schedule interviews for the third week, and hope that the successful candidate could start at the beginning of the sixth week. This means that your team will be short help for six weeks, maybe more, which will significantly affect their productivity.

stressed out hiring manager

They have already started complaining. You must temporarily distribute the position's assigned duties to other workers which increases their stress levels and diminishes their own job satisfaction. Some tasks may even fall to you as the manager. This all sounds like a huge headache, and there's no room for all these tasks in your jam-packed schedule. Your boss says it must get done or else. Translation: more late nights away from loved ones and/or trying to work on your laptop during reality TV. This is the life of many modern managers who are so overworked that they don't have the energy to devote to hiring. It's surprising that everyone isn't using headhunters to fill their open jobs. 

Why Get Started with Finding a Good Headhunter

As a person who must handle recruitment, you can form a partnership with a good headhunter. Tackling this task will help ease your workload. You can also share this headhunter with other managers and recruiters within your organization. If your company is one of those with a culture that resists using outsiders to find the stars of the future, it's time for change. In fact, headhunters are professional recruiters, and they have a real motivation to get paid. Headhunters receive compensation for successful placements, not just for interviewing people. They have a vested interest in ensuring that your company hires candidates who are a good cultural fit.

Advantages to Hiring a Headhunter

Reluctant to Delegate?

Recently, we read an article on how people don't like to delegate. New research by Mary Steffel, Elanor F. Williams, and Jaclyn Perrmann-Graham showed the following: "although people fiercely defend their ability to make decisions, they eagerly hand off those that will affect others as well as themselves — especially when the choice is between unattractive outcomes."  Think about this research. The last time you were supposed to choose the venue for the next manager's retreat, you probably tried to pass off the task to your assistant. It was a fabulous venue, and so you easily offered your endorsement. 

Why Finding a Headhunter Matters

What does an inclination to delegate certain types of decisions suggest about hiring? If your task is hiring a person for a department that you don't work in, you will feel more inclined to enlist help from a headhunter. If you must work with the prospective hire daily and even supervise him or her, you will feel less eager to delegate all recruitment efforts. It really boils down to how much the decision will impact you. 

Think of the Future

Future Stars and Employees

There's tons of research out there on how many workers don't stay long in a new job. Today's companies have difficulty finding people for long-term fit. Also, there are other opportunities that the most talented workers hear about, and they will soon leave to pursue those. They get recruited away by good headhunters. Go figure! They can name their terms to your competitors. In this competitive environment, you could probably find a good employee here or there, but you will also hire other candidates who won't work out.

Now is the time to consider having a headhunter supply you with a list of viable candidates who are pre-screened and pre-interviewed. They will already match your criteria. Choose from the top candidates a person who will gel with the current workplace culture.

For more details on the advantages of using headhunters, please contact us today.