Hiring Solutions: The Advantages of Temp-to-Perm Staff

The benefits of hiring temporary versus permanent staff may not be obvious to an employer at first. Permanent staffing is the norm, and it's easy and even habitual to just stick to the way things have always been. But after employers have explored the advantages, they may find it worthwhile to experiment with a trial run.

Try before you buy hiring gives you the opportunity to get to know candidates better, which ensures cultural fit and allows you to verify a certain skill set. It's literally a test drive.

Try before you buy hiring gives you the opportunity to get to know candidates better, which ensures cultural fit and allows you to verify a certain skill set. It's literally a test drive.

  • Temporarily employing new individuals gives you an opportunity to get to know them and for them to get to know your business. Any conflicts or clashes in personality identified early on can be remedied, and if not, perhaps the individual won't find a permanent place in your staff. Temporary placement will also give individuals a chance to discover if the position is a good fit for them.
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  • Being a temporary hire incentivizes hard work toward a permanent position. For the employer, this means seeing employees at their ideal performance while under pressure. After all, most employers want only the very best people as the building blocks that make up a successful team. When some individuals are trying to earn a permanent spot, employers can quickly separate those who want a career from those who are just waiting for a paycheck from a job.
  • Seniority is one thing, but when someone is hired permanently after just an interview, it’s hard for veteran employees who have already proven their loyalty to accept the fact that others are seemingly on the same level as them overnight.

Implementation of temp-to-hire policies helps veteran employees adjust to new co-workers and reduces the chance that they’ll feel threatened or replaced with sudden equals.

Good, strong employees can act as eyes and ears to help you sum up the temps before you make a final determination.

By observing all your employees during transitional periods, you can note attitudes and social acceptance. This tactic is especially important if your veteran employees also came in under trial positions. They have presumably been satisfactory employees thus far, but . . .

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-How do they adapt to change?
-Are they welcoming and cooperative?
-Do they shun the new worker(s) and protect their territory?

Whenever staff/responsibility changes occur, it’s a great time to watch for behavior that no one expects you’ll be looking for.

Drills and Hypotheticals

What if your temporary employee happens to come in during an uneventful or easy period?

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• Why not create some complicated assignments? The more difficult or at least multi-leveled the job, the better. Although this strategy probably isn’t the best thing to try on someone's first or second day, you’ll certainly want to introduce some complex work before his/her assignment is near its end. Otherwise, you will not have gathered enough data to make your decision.

Note: Don't include other employees in this tactic. Any unnecessary knowledge of the plan will throw off your results.

Temps on the Fence

What if the temporary gig is coming to an end and you’re still not sure?

Temporary Gig - temps on the fence

• Extend the assignment. Perhaps double the time, call the employee back, or just create a little extra work that needs to be finished. It's a shame to let a great prospect go for the wrong reasons.

• Allow other managerial co-workers or your partners to help you make the final decision.

• Decide on some other “tie-breaker” such as revisiting their references or re-examining their work with your company thus far. Something might jump out at you, whether positive or negative, and reveal the right path.

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