How to Increase Talent Acquisition Success

Every business wants to be successful in its recruiting efforts. Quality hires are wholly desirable, and if they stick around for a decade or more, that’s even better. But what are hiring managers doing to ensure that the talent acquisition process is running smoothly and always widening its pipeline? Is the company continually working to improve its image to the public as well as with its current employees?

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Here are 5 suggestions for effectively increasing your talent acquisition success:


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Are you asking your employees for input regarding the company and their specific role within the organization? Conduct employee evaluations, ask satisfaction survey questions often, and always – always - follow up. Focus on all levels of employees from labor and administrative to lower-mid-upper management. Inform the entire company when changes are made so that all staff members know that their opinions and insights are not being ignored. What a morale booster! Plus, this is a great way to stay on top of company culture. And what will new talent see when they come for an interview? Satisfied and engaged employees!


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Do you have a plan in place to help increase your social media presence? If not, get busy! Find out which employees have these technical skills and begin putting them to good use. Be intentional about making website improvements, blogging about trending topics, posting to Twitter, adding Facebook friends, and LinkedIn connections because these all have a way of putting your company in the spotlight and letting others know what a great organization yours is to work with/for. But it takes time, investment, diligence, and hard work!


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Are your employees happy? Or is there a revolving door at your organization? Are your people constantly job searching and leaving for interviews? You must give them incentives to stay! 

Two of the primary reasons people give for leaving jobs are that the positions didn’t pay enough or that there were no growth opportunities. 

So, build a community, a strong network of team players, and opportunities to cross-train. Create an internal recruiting process by which your employees may realize that opportunities abound. However, be sure to give honest feedback when a promotion isn’t given and be careful not to give false promises. 

By observing and creating strong lines of communication, you can identify areas of stress among employees, and then be proactive in addressing the root problems.


Are you talking to your employees on a consistent basis? Asking the right questions? You should build and maintain those relationships! Your employees are a primary source for good, solid leads on dependable, skilled and professional job candidates. Did you know that the best companies acquire new talent 50% of the time by encouraging their own employees to make recommendations and to get the word out? Be sure to involve your employees in the hiring process. Good leads often come from happy and engaged employees!

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When it comes to assessing behavior and talent in the workplace, what tools do you have in place? At Brannon Professionals, we (and our clients) have experienced a great deal of success utilizing the TTI Success Insights® assessments and subsequent reports. 

Please check out sample assessments on TTISI®'s website. These can provide valuable insights regarding the hiring and retention of your employees. We are fortunate that one of our owners is also a Value Added Associate and authorized local provider of TTISI® assessments.

Below are descriptions of a couple of TTISI® assessments and reports available to you through Brannon's consulting services.

  • TTI Success Insights® DISC

This assessment measures HOW a person behaves by providing insight regarding their natural and adapted behavioral styles based on the following factors: 

D: Dominance – I: influence – S: Steadiness – C: Compliance.

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Purpose: to improve workplace teamwork and to understand the 4 different styles of communication

  • 12 Driving Forces® or Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values (Motivators)

These assessments measure the WHY behind a person’s actions – their unique motivators.

Purpose: to increase employee engagement and to determine the best job/culture fit

  • Emotional Quotient™ (EQ)

The EQ assessment measures an individual's emotional intelligence - using one's emotional insights to usher in improved levels of collaboration and production.

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Purpose:  to develop leaders and engage teams; to assist in coaching and succession planning

  • Sales Skills Index™

This assessment analyzes a person’s understanding of various strategies needed to sell successfully.

Purpose: to determine understanding of the sales process, to see how they compare with top performers, and to check one’s ability to sell; used in sales training, coaching, and as a training guide.

For talent acquisition assistance or more information about TTISI's behavioral assessments, contact Brannon Professionals at 662-349-9194 or 901-759-9622.