How to Improve Your Computer Skills - Memphis Style

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Have you fallen behind with your technical skills?  Have you been a stay-at-home mom for the past decade?  Are you a complete novice when it comes to working with technology?  Or were you recently laid off from a position which utilized in-house programs rather than Microsoft Office?  If so, then perhaps you need to take a few classes in order to be more competitive in the Memphis job market.

Here are several FREE options you may wish to consider:

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  1. FREE: Access the tutorial located at  It offers training for the various skills associated with MS Word 2010 and MS Excel 2010.  It is a work at your own pace type of training and does not have to be completed in one session. 
  2. FREE: Access the computer class training calendar on the Memphis Public Library website.  They offer a variety of computer classes for beginners.
  3. FREE: The YWCA of Memphis also offers computer literacy classes in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet.
  4. FREE: Contact the Memphis Urban League at for cutting edge computer training.

Below are several other options which will probably require a financial investment on your part:

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  1. Go to for a 30-day free trial. Cost for access beyond that time frame is about $19.99 per month.  This website is wonderful for training and keeping up-to-date with the latest software.
  2. New Horizons has been around for years and offers an initial assessment of skill along with online, onsite and even private training opportunities.
  3. Southwest Tennessee Community College offers a variety of computer classes starting at $99 per course.
  4. A variety of ONLC or Online Consulting Training Classes are available. Visit this link:
  5. The Lab Four Professional Development Center also offers a variety of computer training opportunities.
  6. Go to to select from several 1 to 5-day learning opportunities starting at $295 per class.
  7. Or visit the Business Computer Skills website and try the Self-Paced Training Value Pack whereby you can learn MS Office by purchasing a 6 to 12-month user license for $149 or $199 giving you access to about 25 different training courses.

Ready to Job Hunt?

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Once you are comfortable using Word and Excel and ready to get back into workforce, please forward your resume to the recruiters at Brannon Professionals.  Our email address is, and an updated list of our available jobs can be found on our website at  We wish you much success in your job search!