Hiring Process Checklist: Make Your Hiring Plan Excellent

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Make Your Hiring Plan Excellent

We have all been there—the employee looked good on paper, even made it through the interview without any blunders, but after a few months or even weeks on the job, you realize it’s just not a good fit.  You may wonder how you could have overlooked during the interview what appears so obvious now!

Hiring new employees can be approached in one of two ways: 1) hire the employee using mostly your “instincts” or feelings about the person. Of course, you have a resume, but aside from that, you interview to get a “feel” for whether the applicant would be compatible with the company, or 2) hire using a hiring process checklist which implements hiring tools. This gives a much more measured result.

By choosing the second option, you eliminate a lot of the subjectivity and guess work from hiring new employees and make it more scientific. To ensure you find the right candidate to fill that open position, consider the following this hiring advice.

Have a Measurable Way to Assess Applicants’ Skills

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Skills are crucial to any position for which you are hiring. From accounting to marketing and everything in between, the right skills are paramount. However, a candidate’s skills are not always obvious. For example, if you are hiring an accountant, you may need to determine the software skill level of the person. An applicant for a position in administration in a medical facility would need a high level of skill in communications and interactions with people. These skills are not always evident from an interview or resume. Testing software provides a simple grading system for a person's skill level.

Understand the Applicant’s Experience

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Often times potential employees craft a resume around the experience they acquired on the jobs they had. While this is important, it does not shed light on the totality of their experience. When people complete a resume, they focus on their past “working” experience, but the experience gained from other areas is relevant too. Candidates also tend to highlight the “main” responsibilities of their past job(s) instead of revealing all the experience they gained working. It is important for the person hiring to search out all areas of experience. Carefully constructed reference interviews will bring insight to the work experience of the individual.

Assess the Applicant’s Emotional Intelligence

Highly qualified employees may fail to succeed because of low emotional intelligence. From an article in Entrepreneur about the subject of emotional intelligence, the writer had this to say: “According to emotional intelligence, or EQ, success is strongly influenced by personal qualities such as perseverance, self-control and skill in getting along with others.” It is essential to understand a potential employee’s emotional intelligence before hiring instead of discovering it afterwards. Individuals with higher EQ’s (emotional quotients) work better in teams and are more adaptable. Emotional intelligence affects behavior, motivation, and cognitive ability. Obtaining metrics on these areas will deliver a better overall view of the candidate.

A  HIRING PROCESS  should include  skills testing, behavior and motivation assessment,  experience analysis, and reference interviewing.  

A HIRING PROCESS should include skills testing, behavior and motivation assessment, experience analysis, and reference interviewing.  

Finding the perfect fit for your company is possible if you use the right tools. Brannon Professionals has been in the recruiting and staffing business for over 20 years. We have a unique background of business management, human resources, and psychology that has helped shape our software testing tools. Skills, experience, and behavior/motivation testing is available for management to administer before you hire. From hiring software tools to specific skills testing, Brannon Professionals delivers personalized and “scientific” results for each candidate you are considering. To learn more about our innovative products or if you are looking to hire, please contact us today!