Dressing for Your Job Interview: 4 Tips to Consider

what to wear to interview - ladies jackets

Trying to decide what to wear for a job interview can be one of the most stressful parts of the interview process. You stand in front of your closet wondering whether that neckline is really too low or if those shoes are inappropriate for a work interview. If you've been struggling with the outfit choice for your next interview, you may want to consider these four tips.

 1. Sit down in your outfit. 

Whether you're purchasing a new outfit or selecting one that's already in your closet, make sure that you don't just stand in front of the mirror to stare at it. Take the time to sit down in it!

  • Does that skirt ride up uncomfortably high when you're trying to sit, making it impossible for you to cross your legs in your preferred position?  
  • When you lean forward, do you display more cleavage than you intended?
  • What about the buttons on your shirt: do they gape in just the wrong place once you're no longer standing?
  • Are your pants or skirt too tight and no longer reasonably comfortable?
  • Are the pants too short?
  • Do your socks fit well or fall to your ankles? Do they match?
  • Is the suit jacket too snug, or can you move about easily?
lady sitting in skirt and blouse and looking at cell phone

Since the odds are great that you'll spend the majority of your interview sitting down, make sure that your outfit still fits well in that position. You want to appear neat, professional, and completely at ease in your chosen attire.

2. Wear your outfit for a little while. 

If you have the luxury of a little spare time before your interview, put on your outfit and wear it out. Consider the way it wears when you've had it on for a few hours. A neckline that looked just fine in the dressing room may dip uncomfortably low after a few hours while pants that look great when you first put them on may lose all of the creases and look wrinkled and unkempt by the time you manage the car ride to the interview.

If you know the potential problems with your outfit, you can either avoid them or change the outfit. On the other hand, if you're wearing the outfit for the first time on the day of the interview, you could end up blindsided. 

3. Don't go with the uncomfortable shoes. 

dress code - men's shoes & belt

Yes, you want to wear professional shoes that are appropriate with your outfit. However, you don't want to wear professional-looking shoes which are so uncomfortable that you can barely walk in them. Uncomfortable shoes will increase your discomfort, especially if you need to be escorted through a large office building or if you're invited to meet other members of the team following the interview. Instead, invest in a pair of shoes that are both comfortable and professional. Then, even if you end up on your feet, you'll still be ready to meet any challenge that comes your way. 

4. Choose some color. 

suit for man and colorful striped tie

You don't need to come in dressed in the brightest outfit in your closet, but the color you add to your interview outfit can have a substantial impact on how your future employer views you. Add a pop of color in the form of a tie (for men) or choose a colored dress shirt (either gender). Colorful shoes or a lovely piece of jewelry can add the color a woman needs to increase her confidence and improve the vision employers have of her. Keep in mind, however, that you should keep all of your accessories understated and appropriate to an office environment.

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You want to walk into your job interview confident and ready to nail it. While your list of qualifications, work experience, and an optimistic attitude will go a long way toward determining whether you'll get the job, the outfit you choose for your interview has a huge impact on the first impression you'll make with your future employer. By following these tips, you can dress for success and improve your odds of landing the job of your dreams. Ready to put your name in for more of those jobs?  Contact BRANNON PROFESSIONALS today to learn how we can help.