Mistakes to Avoid When Dressing for a Job Interview

professional man in suit and red tie

There are plenty of important factors which come into play during a job interview. Whether you are preparing your resume and cover letter or researching a company's history, both of these should be second nature when planning for an important interview. Most of all, though, it's important to remember that first impressions are lasting ones.

When you walk through the business doors and meet the hiring manager, what is the first thing they notice about you, and what's their initial impression? Are you friendly, and are you making direct eye contact? Do you greet them and seem excited about the interview? Most of all, are you wearing the proper attire? Male or female, polished shoes or high heels, wearing the proper business attire is an important factor in getting hired. Here are some mistakes you can avoid and tips on how not to dress at an interview.

Stained or Dirty Clothes 

man with stained shirt

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make when it comes to business attire is stained or dirty clothes. Now obviously, people are going to make sure their clothes are as clean as possible before the interview. However, mistakes can be made just as easily along the long way. For example, before heading off for the interview, what if you spill some coffee on your business suit? What if you're eating pancakes, and some syrup spills onto your dress pants? This is why it's best to only wear your business attire right before you head out. Iron your clothes the night before, wear "normal" clothes in the morning, and then switch to your interview clothes later. 

Wearing Sandals

woman in dress and sandals for interview

Sandals and flip-flops should never be worn to an interview. Aside from the fact that it isn't professional, it also tells the hiring manager a lot about your attitude toward the position. It's a sign that you're not taking the interview (and the potential job itself) seriously enough. After all, sandals are usually something people wear on a casual day or when they're trying to relax. The better choice is to wear close-toed shoes during job interviews. 

Wrinkled Clothes

man ironing wrinkled shirt

Dirty clothes and sandals are one thing, but wrinkled clothes are another issue. If your business suit and dress pants look as if they were pulled out of a closet and put on at the last-minute, what kind of impression will that give the employer?

Before going to bed, iron and fold your dress shirt and pants to perfection. Even after hanging them up overnight, give them another quick ironing in the morning. With job interviews, you're always preparing, even at the last minute. 

Mismatched Clothes

Another common mistake, especially for those who lack experience with job interviews, is mismatched clothes and attire. You can have a nice-looking suit, for example, but it will be completely ruined if you're wearing the wrong tie.

interview man wearing mismatched colors

To make the best of your business attire, find colors that complement each other because matching clothes are important for any job interview. After all, wouldn't it throw you off if the hiring manager was wearing mismatched clothes?  For example, what if the manager was wearing a purple shirt and green pants? Our cartoon character here pulls off the colors rather well, but you get the idea of how poorly matched clothes can affect our perception of others. 

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