What to Expect from Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials in the workforce have a bad rap. They're the employees who are "entitled," who are, all too often, just "doing their time" until they can find that magical job that will allow them to spend more time on their smart phones than they do working. Sound familiar? If this is the opinion you have of millennials, you're not alone--but you're also missing out on an opportunity to make the most of a multi-generational workforce. Millennials now outnumber every other generation in the workforce--and one in three current employees comes from the millennial generation. If your company is skeptical about hiring millennials, there are several things you should know.

Millennials believe in teamwork.

millennials ideas and teamwork

They embrace collaborative problem-solving and are eager to come together to solve common problems in the workplace. They're willing to ask questions, work within each other's strengths, and bring people together as members of the team. Communication is critical for the millennial generation--and they're willing to communicate with every member of the team to help bring them together into a more coherent whole.

Millennials are looking for flexibility. 

flexibility - person doing backbend

Yes, they want to set their own hours, have some flexibility in their working conditions, and have the opportunity to take breaks at work. They want people to listen to their ideas and their thoughts, even when they're the youngest person in the room or when they don't have a great deal of experience at their current job. That same desire for flexibility, however, translates to a willingness to work--and work hard--once they're in their preferred job. It also means that they're willing to show some flexibility to their employers, working longer hours to get projects turned out or to meet deadlines.

Millennials have the same goals as older generations.

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They want to make a positive impact on their workplace, to help solve challenges around the world and in their industries, and to do things that they're passionate about. Their way of getting there may be different, but that doesn't mean that they won't work just as hard to get there. They're also hungry for purpose, so when they find an organization that offers them that sense of connection or greater accomplishment, they'll be proud to give it their best. 

Millennials are familiar with technology.

familiarity with digital technology

They're often faster to pick up new technology than their older coworkers simply because they've grown up with it. Technology is natural to them. They understand online security and how to make sure that they're not compromising themselves or their company. They know how to navigate the programs and apps that are used commonly in everyday work situations. When faced with new technology, they're able to dig in and learn it quickly, making them excellent employees in many tech-heavy fields.

Millennials are high-performing.

Yes, they may require more "maintenance" on a daily basis--but millennials are also known to be one of the highest-performing generations. Once they get their eyes on a goal, they're willing to work hard to attain it. Extra hours, additional responsibilities, further learning: these are all things that millennials are willing to give to employers to meet their personal career goals. 

millennial worker

Many places struggle with the idea of hiring millennials, especially with their apparently more flexible views of things like professional apparel and what constitutes appropriate work hours. What those companies are discovering, however, is that millennials are among their hardest-working employees. If you're ready to enhance your workplace environment by bringing millennials into your workforce, contact us today to learn how we can help connect you to valuable employees who will help you grow your business in ways that you never dreamed.