Recruiting Tools and Solutions: How to Secure the Best Talent for the Job

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According to a recent Huffington Post article, the average cost of losing a millennial employee is $15,000 to $25,000, but when one considers all the other factors that go into hiring a new employee, the cost is even higher. Employers must consider the time and expense of interviewing and training new hires. When those costs are factored in, the amount rises to approximately $30,000 to $45,000.

Obviously, employee retention is a key goal in any organization. Employee engagement is one factor to retention, but another key that may be overlooked is careful hiring practices from the onset. This is not always an easy task for the busy Human Resources manager or small business owner. A potential employee may look good on paper, but ultimately not be the right fit for the job. So, how can employers ensure they secure the best talent and thereby increase the chances of employee retention? Businesses that want to recruit great talent benefit from securing the right headhunter. At Brannon Professionals, we have fine-tuned our recruiting methods to make a match you will be pleased with, which allows you to focus on building up your business. Let’s look at a headhunter's set of recruiting tools and the benefits of hiring a headhunter (a.k.a. professional recruiter).

Recruiting Tools

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An effective headhunting company has made recruiting its business. For those of us who have been in the profession for decades, the recruiting expertise is evident. You may wonder, just how can recruiters have expertise? Is there a science to matching employees with employers? Well, actually, there sort of is. Through combining human resources, business management, and industrial psychology experience, Brannon Professionals has developed a set of tools designed to discover that perfect match. These tools eliminate guessing from the hiring process and help achieve more precise results. The recruiting tools focus on the following three main areas: 

1) Skills

A Forbes article states that “60% of managers claim the new graduates they see taking jobs within their organizations do not have the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they feel are necessary for the job.” A prospective candidate’s skill set needs to be evaluated before hiring can take place. Frequently, a resume may over- or understate a candidate’s skill level. We at Brannon Professionals offer a unique skills test that shows exactly what level of skill the candidate has in several different areas.

2) Experience

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According to a New York Times article, many employers don’t even bother to call references. That is quite alarming. And the HR managers or owners who do check references are often too hurried when they call. The questions are brief, and usually managers have already made up their minds before they call, which tends to tilt the questions in favor of the candidate. In this scenario, managers often don’t get the full story about the individual’s experience (or lack thereof). Our recruiting tools, however, gauge experience more accurately. A thorough reference interview reveals the true experience of the person you are considering for hire.

3) Behavior and Motivation

Just what is it that causes an employee to connect with your office culture and brand in a tangible and emotional way? Discovering the answer to this question is a key element in employee retention and employee engagement. In general, employees take pride in doing a good job and have an inherent desire to achieve in the workplace. However, if the attitude or motivation for a job is low, employees will not achieve their full potential. Additionally, if the workplace environment, culture, or brand clashes with employees’ values or identity—or if it puts them out of their comfort zone for any reason—then you will have a substandard company-employee relationship. Employers may not consider these factors when going through the hiring process, but they are extremely relevant to finding a perfect match. Screening tests can be used to determine behavior and motivation in key areas, and Brannon Professionals can help you find the best fit for the job.

At Brannon Professionals, we have developed the recruiting tools that will measure candidates to help you achieve successful results. To discuss our innovative recruiting techniques, please contact us today!