9 Hiring Best Practices to Attract High Quality Employees

9 Hiring Best Practices

With 46% of employees projected to fail within the first 18 months on the job, employers face a critical task of revamping their hiring practices. Employers cannot afford to rush through the hiring process and must carefully assess a job candidate’s work history and interview behavior.

Below are 9 hiring best practices designed to help your business attract employees who will bring productivity and longevity to your business. 

1) Do not underestimate the power of sharp interpersonal skills.

When researchers examined the reasons behind the 46% failure rate of new employees, they found that poor interpersonal skills were responsible for the majority of disciplinary actions or firings of new employees. Specifically, most employees failed due to an inability to properly manage their emotions or gracefully accept feedback at work. Others failed because they exhibited low motivation and poor temperament. Accordingly, hiring managers should seek employees with a positive attitude.

criminal background check

2) Remove dangerous candidates from consideration with a background check. 

Candidates with a history of violence, substance abuse or threatening behavior can often be removed from job consideration with the help of a background check. Background checks are also helpful in identifying candidates with a history of dishonesty or workplace theft.

3) Contact the references provided by job candidates. 

Some hiring managers get busy and make the mistake of skipping this important step in the hiring process. References should be contacted because they can provide valuable feedback about an applicant’s demeanor and problem-solving approach.

4) Use personality tests or job screening tools when appropriate.

Personality tests and screening tools are helpful because they offer an element of standardization to the interview process. Examples include 12 Driving Forces (measures attitude and motivation) and DISC (measures behavioral style). Results of screening tools should be interpreted with caution and should always be considered in conjunction with other factors such as the candidate’s interview behavior, skills, and work history.

Be Cautious of applicants with a track record of job hopping

5) Be cautious of applicants with a track record of job hopping. 

Job candidates who have never stayed with the same employer for over a year can be costly to a company. Pay close attention to a candidate’s job history and ask the candidate to briefly explain any rapid succession of jobs.

6) Consider rehiring previous employees who were top performers. 

Boomerang employees, or workers who return to a former employer after voluntarily leaving, are increasing in prevalence. Boomerang employees require minimal training resources because they are already familiar with a company’s culture, job descriptions and mission. They can typically hit the ground running right away.

7) During the interview, look for nonverbal clues about a candidate’s work behavior. 

interviews and non-verbal behavior

Nonverbal behaviors during an interview are often good predictors of a person’s behaviors in the workplace. For instance, was the candidate early or late for his or her interview? Did he or she dress appropriately for the interview? Was eye contact maintained, or did the interviewee seem distracted or uninterested in talking about your company?

8) Clearly document the reasons why rejected candidates were not selected. 

Sometimes hiring managers become so preoccupied with the hiring process that they forget to document the details related to the candidates who were not selected. From a compliance standpoint, it is just as important to document reasons that a candidate does not receive an offer as it is to maintain documentation related to the hiring of a candidate.

9) Enlist the guidance of an experienced talent management firm. 


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