The Process of Getting Cozy in Your New Job

Don't make the mistake of personalizing your new office too soon. Starting a new job is a process that is at once both exciting and terrifying. You don't know how it's going to go, nor do you know for sure how long you're going to be able to stay in the job. You want to get cozy and settle in, making yourself comfortable with your new position. If you want to remain professional, however, you want to make sure that you're handling that process correctly!

-It Doesn't Need to Happen Day One-

woman in office at desk

No matter how much preparation you've put into getting ready for your new job, you can't expect to settle in the moment you start your new position. Settling in is a process, from getting to know your new coworkers to deepening your understanding of your job responsibilities.

Also, even if you've taken over a new office, keep in mind that you may not have time to personalize it during the earliest days of your employment. You'll be too busy dealing with other tasks related to your new job.

-Wait Until Your Trial Period Is Over-

If you know you have a temp to hire or trial period before your employment is finalized, wait until it's over before you personalize your office. Adding a couple of pictures is okay, but putting your own spin on the entire office can give an overly confident impression. Your employer, your managers, or other employees may think that by jumping in too fast, you're assuming that you're a sure thing.

woman with personalized desk space

Instead of diving in with both feet, take the time to prove yourself at the office before making yourself at home in your little corner of it. Let your trial period expire before you move all the way into your office. Bringing in equipment you need to do your job more effectively won't hurt anything, but completely moving in and making it your own cozy space could be construed as arrogant.

-Creating A Work Space That Is Professional-

personalized desk space in pink and gold

When you do make yourself comfortable in your office, make sure that you keep it professional. Follow these guidelines to be sure that you're handling your office decor professionally.

  • Pay attention to company culture.

Some companies allow a great deal more personality to be reflected in individual offices than others. If your coworkers are covering their offices with geek memorabilia or colorful desk accessories, you can feel more confident doing the same.

  • Think about the first impression you want your office to create.

Endeavor to create the desired impression from the moment a client or coworker steps through your door--and pay attention to that entryway. A candy bowl, for example, can be perceived as inviting, while heavy furniture may be a symbol of status or accomplishment.

  • Reduce clutter as part of your decor.

neat uncluttered desk space

The longer you're in your office space, the more clutter you will accumulate. Take advantage of shelves, file cabinets, and other items to reduce the clutter--and don't feel as though you have to fill your office with homey accents that only add to the visual mess. Instead, focus on creating a clean, tidy appearance.

  • Use color to your advantage.

The psychology of color can be used to work to your advantage: use color to influence what people think of your personality or how they respond to your position, for example. 

personalized work space in white

Your office decor might not sound like the most important part of your new job - and it isn't - but that doesn't mean that you should leave it to chance. The way you decorate your office can impact the way people, from clients to upper management, perceive your abilities, not to mention your attitude. By carefully planning the way you deal with your office space, you can turn those impressions to your favor.

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