Susan Reich

Susan Reich

Brannon Professionals was started in 1995 by Mark Brannon and Susan Reich.  The vision was to create an easier process for businesses to hire top talent.  Susan's background in industrial psychology and human resources combined with Mark's background in business management and marketing provided these two a unique perspective on hiring and managing people.  

Over the past 21 years their services have evolved to incorporate cutting edge management tools that take the guessing out of employee selection.  From solving excessive employee turnover issues to creating job benchmarks through position analysis, Brannon Professionals has developed recruiting, screening and placement strategies that allow their clients to stay focused on the important things.

Today, Brannon Professionals continues to serve the area's top companies through a variety of services -- all focusing on the key to business success . . . The Perfect Fit!

Three Levels of Placement

Executive Search. At Brannon Professionals, each executive search is specific to your targeted need. Our placement consultants are skilled in diverse human resource disciplines such as behavioral and attitude interviewing, where they structure a goal-oriented interview based upon the theory that past behavior can be used to predict future actions. Our placement consultants provide guidance and advice throughout the entire process.

Direct Hire. We actively search for people who fit the position. We carefully screen, check references, and present only qualified candidates for interviewing. This professional recruitment service will not cost you anything unless you choose to hire one of our candidates. If you do, then you'll pay a single fee based on the starting salary. We are a privately owned company, and we offer economical fees and flexible financial arrangements.

Temporary Employees fill the gaps when employees are on vacation or leave, when you have seasonal workloads, or when you are growing but not ready to commit to permanent employees. This option gives you the ability to "try out" the employee to make sure they are what you need. The employee will work for you while we handle all payroll responsibilities (payroll taxes, worker's compensation, general liability, and unemployment).

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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